Immagine di testata del prodotto N.46 Fondo Bruno

well premium base

N.46 Brown Stock
Creamy concentrate

All the flavour of a genuine Brown Stock, made with only natural and the finest quality ingredients, to rediscover the pleasure of authentic cuisine. Ideal for preparing classic and creative sauces and adding a special touch to your red, white or game-meat dishes. Its concentrated and creamy consistency, in practical pre-dosed 25 g cups, makes it easy and fast to use: you can use it hot or cold, as it is or diluted, at any time during the preparation and in all types of cooking (frying pan, saucepan, oven, grill, marinades, vacuum, etc.)

100% Natural

Immagine del prodotto n: 46 fondo bruno cremoso concentrato


1 = 250ml of base gravy

1 = 4 Portions

Code: 0617V

Pack: box 12 vaschette da 25 g

How to use

As seasoning:

add Well Premium Base No. 46 Brown Stock directly on the food, before or during cooking. Ideal for preparing roasts, braised dishes, game, pan fries and meat stir fries, pasta sauces, risottos, braised side dishes, stuffing, marinades, vacuum cooking, etc. Add a little water as needed.

To prepare a basic sauce:

add a cup of Well Premium Base No. 46 Brown Stock in 50-250 ml of hot or cold water, depending on the intensity of the flavour and thickness desired. To thicken the gravy, before bringing it to a boil add starch or corn flour, or else Well Roux during cooking.

To prepare creative sauce:

add Well Premium Base No. 46 Brown Stock directly to the other ingredients, adjusting the amount of liquid and cooking time based on the desired thickness and intensity of flavour.

To prepare vinaigrette, dressing and cold sauces:

add Well Premium Base No. 46 Brown Stock to pouring cream, mayonnaise, ricotta, oil, vinegar and lemon. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Ideal for preparing exquisite vinaigrettes, dressings and gravies to accompany roast beef, pork, salads, bread rolls, toasted sandwiches and finger sandwiches, etc.

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