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Organic, Nature, Gourmet: a taste for everyone


More than just a range of products, a variety of answers for any demand, the result of meticulous research. We carefully measure the raw ingredients to create high organlopetic profiles of taste and performance, specific solutions for the requirements of all customers and channels: at home, in professional kitchens, for industry and private labels.

Rich Stocks
Creamy Concentrate

The first creamy concentrated stocks and fumets are here! With the creamy concentrates, Well turns every dish into a speciality: you’re the starred chef now!

Organic Bontà di Brodo
Creamy Concentrate

The first organic creamy bouillon are here! With the creamy concentrates, Well makes your dishes truly special and one-of-a-kind!

Granulated Bouillon

Your organic granulated bouillon with 100% natural ingredients.Perfect for adding flavour and balance your dishes!

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